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CITO is a world-renowned company making metal-based creasing matrix with plastic shoulders for cylinders and platens. Living up to the reputation of Germany in precision engineering and quality manufacturing, CITO has the widest product range in the world for creasing solutions. Oliver Company Pte Ltd has a long-standing relationship with CITO and we are proud to be their Sole Distributor, distributing CITO specialised products here in Singapore.

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The economic film-based creasing matrix with plastic shoulders.

For high-quality creasing of folding cartons to displays through to corrugated board packaging. Perfect handling due to Fingerlift technique and easy to trim with the knife. Outstanding adhesion on the cutting plate and residue-free removal thanks to EasyFix technology.


Film-based creasing matrix with plastic shoulders; developed for small to medium runs, usable for folding box board up to corrugated board. 

CITO BASICplus is available in dimensions

from (H × W) 0.3 × 0.8 to 1.6 × 6.0

Ejection Material suitable for use with flatbed / folding carton. High performance tooling for flatbed or folding carton jobs with machine speeds over 9,000 sheets/h.

Find out more about the Ejection systems by contacting us here.

CITO Ejection System

CITO Ejection Material for the optimum processing of corrugated board jobs on rotary diecutters.

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CITO Measuring Devices

CITO CREASY enables you to monitor creasing characteristics. It supports you during setup on the press, resulting in superior creasing and a longer service life for your tooling and creasing matrices.


A measuring device that optically records creasing characteristics and uses software to analyse these on your PC or laptop. It graphically records the width, height and symmetry characteristics of the creasing and the two folding edges, analyses these and documents them by issuing a report. This guarantees optimised converting on the folding carton gluing machine. With the CITO CREASY you can also measure impressions or monitor the angularity of assembled folding cartons.

Measure impressions or monitor the angularity of assembled folding cartons.

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CITO Tapes

Self-adhesive, special patching tape of calibrated laminated paper. Easy use thanks to protective lead-on with tab and colour code for different thicknesses.

  • Higher production reliability through optimum adhesive strength, even for tape-to-tape applications

  • Uniform and easy unwinding: no bulging, no blocking and no soiling thanks to winding up on a separate core that is free from burrs

  • Ideal for long runs and repeat orders due to its extreme hardness

  • Smooth running of the machine through constant pressure distribution

Self-adhesive, special patching tape of calibrated laminated paper. 

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