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A Pioneer in 

Custom Die-Cut Moulds


Premium, long-lasting materials for your moulds.

Our dies are made of high quality wood from KOSKISEN WOOD in Finland. They are a family business committed to wood and also the largest privately owned wood products companies in Finland. Other types of wood that are used in our dies are San Giogio Italian Birch Plywood and quality ones globally. Good Laser Ply provides the longevity of both the mould and also your production machines.



Our preferred choice.

CITO is a world-renowned company making metal-based creasing matrix with plastic shoulders for cylinders and platens. Living up to the reputation of Germany in precision engineering and quality manufacturing, CITO has the widest product range in the world for creasing solutions. 


Oliver Company Pte Ltd has a long-standing relationship with CITO and we are proud to be their Sole Distributor, distributing CITO specialised products here in Singapore.

Find out about CITO products here.


Premium and extremely

sharp steel cutting rule.

A premium steel cutting rule in a Die cut mould is necessary as it helps to achieve high precision and clean cuts during the production process. Our steel rules are from NAKAYAMA and TSUKATANI HAMONO® in Japan as well as BÖHLER® universal steel cutting rule made in Europe.


Experienced and Time Sensitive.

We offer almost anything and everything in die-making. Our teams have delivered some of the most complex die-cutting jobs and assemblies to our customer needs.


We are time-sensitive and contribute greatly to the success of many industry players including printers, product manufacturers and packaging companies by ensuring that our accurate die-building solutions provide an attractive yet robust edge to your final product.


Flat Dies

Wood (9 / 12 / 15 / 18 / 21mm)

PVC    (6 / 8 / 10mm in ABS / Acrylic)

Flat dies are commonly used for commercial packaging production and solutions.

Photo 3_Flexible.jpg

Flexible Dies

Aluminium Metal

Flexible Dies are able to achieve very intricate,

fine and small delicate cutting areas. 

Photo 4_Stripping.jpg

Stripping Sets

Automated removal of waste die-cut material arrangement from the blanks subsequent to the

die-cutting operation.

Photo 2.2_Tobacco die (1).jpg

Tobacco Dies

Full Set of Production Dies

We provide full system of custom moulds for cutting, creasing and embossing.

Photo 5_Blanking.jpg

Blanking Sets

Automated consolidation of final die-cut material arrangement from the blanks subsequent to the stripping process operation.


Counter Dies

Counter Dies is a good alternative for creasing matrix. Especially for high volume and regular orders.


Embossing Dies

Embossing Dies produce a raised readable mark that leaves a lasting impression on packaging boxes.


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